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During the last decade we have gotten dice roll 6 on several tests for newspapers and media. Last time in TV2 Hjelper deg 2016

Norsk designråd praised us and the jury said:

Jury verdict

With these clampons jogging can be a year-round sport wherever you live in the country. The product have gotten a sporty profile that removes the stigma about that only retirees uses clampons. The new design have lead to an increase in popularity for the P-clampon for sports retailers. The most innovative is the clampons fastening mechanism which makes it sturdy even when running in terrain.

Here they have used design in an admirable way to promote the product and belonging materials – with the product itself, its fastening system, packaging and graphical design it totally gives the product a professional mark. The selection of materials is well adapted to the elasticity required and the aesthetic value. The jury considers the graphical upgrade from earlier products and competing products as very positive.

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