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We produce and deliver wood in 1000l and 40l bags and briquettes and 40l bags of kindling.

Prices for wood

  • Small bags 40 liter dry birch kr. 70,-     

  • Big bags 1000 liter dry birch kr. 1.100,-

  • Briquettes kr. 35,- 

  • Bags of kindling 40 liter kr. 30,-

Delivery of wood on Kyrksæterøra.

  • Big bags: kr. 100,- per bag

  • By purchase under 10 small bags kr.150. Over 10 small bags free. ​

  • By purchase under 15 bags of kindling kr.150,-, Over 15 bags free.

Prices are included VAT

Delivery outside Kyrksæterøra by agreement.

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