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beer cases


This case is painted in a driftwood-like style and color to give off a classic "old" vibe. You can of course get it in different colors all though the driftwood is our most popular one. We have chosen to add kr 99,- per case for this design.

A case for everyone! 

We named it "åpenbæringen" which means "the revelation" with a twist. Something that describes the case as something special, innovative and new. At the same time it also means that the whole bottle is visible and not only the top. The label from our local brewery shines rightfully in the light.

The cases has been a collaboration between Allvekst AS and EL-Passion 4Wood/AJ Design.

The cases are for 4 and 6 bottles. In addition we launch "the meter" (Meter'n) which contains 10 bottles and a couple bags of peanuts.

We have sold 400 cases to Fjord brewery which lies in Valsøyfjorden with store sale on Vinjeøra by E39. The response was massive and the enthusiasm was great and we want to thank Hemne for great collaboration and for making a good deal.

Outside of our factory sales you can find our cases on Rema1000 in Kyrksæterøra.

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